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“ The Winged Dragon Martial Arts Academy is run by Sensei Lucky Pandelidis (MAIA accredited instructor) With over 40 years experience in various martial arts styles, he currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in Go Ju Ryu Karate & a Black Belt in MMA. He has been involved in security for many places such as MCG, Flemington Racecourse & Various Night clubs. With all this knowledge he has combined Martial arts and Street Self defence”.


Train for free until end of March 2020. We now offer Adults only classes every Saturday 1-2pm (14yrs & above). This class is centred around fitness & self improvement, incorporating street self defense techniques, kickboxing and boxing.

What We Offer

with our connections to Japan & other Go Ju Ryu associations true karate customs are upheld.


Emphasis in all our classes is placed on healthy mind, body & spirit through our training.


All our senior instructors are certified and have working with children’s licences.


Students are encouraged to optimise & improve their own fitness and training at all levels instead of one set class standard.

new classes starting now!

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Training Programs


All ages Karate classes

Ages from 4 years & above.

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Self Defence Programs

Our Syllabus incorporates street self defence & ground fighting at all levels.

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Mixed Martial Arts

On top of traditional karate, we offer techniques & training in other various free style martial arts.

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