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  • Want to know more about Tai Chi?

    How about we know a little about tai chi first

    As opposed to general belief, martial arts is not all about fighting or throwing kicks and punches with different skills, energy, and precision. Sometimes it teaches us to be calm and promotes inner peace just by doing a few movements that can appear rhythmic and meditative to the eyes of observers. What has just been described is what the martial art of tai chi is essentially about: peace and congeniality.

    Let us delve into the history

    This wonderful practice that brings calm and inner peace is recorded to have started in China some centuries back. This branch of martial art is believed to have descended from an ancient Chinese discipline known as qigong, which further has roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

    The practitioners of tai chi are usually found on the streets in China and other Asian and western countries moving slowly as if to a rhythm. The movements are graceful and usually uniform. Tai chi, according to some records, dates back two millennia and a half ago. A popular Tai chi historian named Marvin Smalheiser says when the masters of the art are in combat they seem to throw their opponent or attacker to the ground in one swift move that can neither be explained by the attacker/ opponent or spectators.

    They really cannot explain it probably because they hardly saw how it was done. This is one of the special skills one can learn in tai chi and apply to self-defense or any other style of fighting. Tai chi movements employ a philosophy that “four ounces can deflect a thousand pounds” hence they use internal energy and movements too subtle for ordinary eyes to observe.

    What do you know about Qi

    Recall the traditional Chinese medicine mentioned earlier? Well, here we will talk a little about it. This qi (pronounced as” chee”) medicine considers humans as smaller versions of the universe and supports the belief that as humans we are made up of the constant interaction of five elements namely metal, water, fire, wood, and earth.

    These elements are believed in qi to flow in an interrelated manner throughout the body organs as the five different phases of the universal chee. Qi is defined as the life force which can be understood to mean the naturally imbued energy in the body that travels along meridians. Meridians simply refer to pathways in the body for the flow of energy.

    How about the Qigong

    From an academic and psychological perspective qigong has been taught for centuries and believed right from time to help one create and maintain a calm state of mind and enormous inner energy at the same time. This balanced energy created can be transferred and used to do things like work or self-defense.

    Since it has been around for a long time it is not unusual for it to have evolved over time thereby creating different varieties or versions along the line. The latest count of varieties of qi gong is reported to be up to 3,000. The qi gong has soft and hard types as its two major types and five major traditions namely Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, Martial arts and Medical.

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    Things that can help you achieve Mind and Body Fitness

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